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Environment and Fieldwork

Exploring our world

Learning more about the landscape, wildlife and how humans live, work and visit this part of the world is something that can be incorporated in a general course, or be the specific focus of a formal field study supporting examination subjects.

At High Borrans we have specialist Geography staff who design and lead fieldwork courses which explore the particularly good case studies in the region. These studies can be combined with the more adventurous environments of the Lake District fells or the Yorkshire Dales caves for an exciting and memorable learning experience. 

For younger pupils studying the local freshwater habitats will yield fascinating mini-beasts such as wriggling freshwater shrimps, large dark stonefly larvae and even the incredibly rare white-clawed crayfish (a lobster like creature that grows up to 15cm long!). 

Seeing where some of our daily food and clothing comes from is always a fascination as visiting groups constantly move through a farming landscape of sheep and cows. 

Seeing and understanding the impact of tourism on local villages, local employment and landscape is easily demonstrated during a day out and about exploring. 

"High Borrans is another world from North Shields, with peaks and troughs, trout and beck, crayfish and insect larvae disguised as sticks in freshwater streams" 
Bill, pupil at Ralph Gardner Boys School in 1969.


For older students, working at GCSE, AS/A2 level we have a range of physical and human geography fieldwork modules based around original data collection and first hand observation. These include upland rivers, sand dune succession, glaciation, karst scenery, the characteristics of Kendal town centre and the impact of tourist on rural settlements. Specialist fieldwork equipment is provided.

Other subjects

The Centre is ideal to use as a base and a learning environment for other subjects, from English and Art to Biology and Physics. We also offer a Revison Weekend Programme combining structured learning sessions with outdoor activities.