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The High Borrans Experience

The High Borrans experience is like no other. It is founded on experiential learning through adventure.

An unusual and exciting experience, a daring enterprise involving risk and uncertainty of outcome

Knowledge, skill or feelings resulting from actual observation of, or practical acquaintance with facts or events.

Become aware, acquire or develop a particular ability or skill, commit to memory, inform future behaviour. 

We value clear course objectives with high expectations which allow space for spontaneity, creativity and ownership by the young people. 

The learning environment is multi-sensory, full of contrasts and surprises. There are new freedoms, and yet new rules - everyone arrives with a 'clean slate', to be themselves or indeed discover a new 'self'. There is activity but there is also non-activity: room for just being; taking it all in and making sense of the experiences. 
  • We plan for enjoyment on a personal level and through sharing experiences with others, to build confidence by taking on challenges in a supportive environment so that self-esteem can be earned.
  • We plan for the appreciation of the contributions and achievements of self and of others, for independence and interdependence, using core skills of communication, problem solving, leadership and teamwork. 
  • We plan for all round health and fitness through physical activity, contact with the natural world and healthy eating; through skills including physical movement, use of specialist equipment and clothing, and challenging environments.
  • We plan to recognise and acknowledge the informal learning that takes place whilst living away from home and family (perhaps for the first time), and participating in the High Borrans community.
"After coming to High Borrans for 24 years there are still new things to do and see." Ali Endean, Hazlewood Primary School

If we do our part well you should see individuals of increased initiative, resilience, responsibility, perseverance and commitment; individuals with increased motivation and appetite for learning. Individuals with  broadened horizons having encountered other people, places, activities and skills who are potentially open to a wider range of employment opportunities and life choices. 

Once back home, there then follows the challenge of connecting the learning from High Borrans to day-to-day life. This is assisted if the young people are involved in the planning and preparation prior to their residential, and through reflection and evaluation however informal, during the course. Repeatedly drawing on the experiences and finding creative ways to capture memories will add context and colour to the curriculum back at school. 

Maybe best of all, enjoy those new or improved relationships between you all.