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Meet the Team

We're a small friendly bunch at High Borrans, and most of us have been here for years so you'll soon get to know our smiling faces. 

Head of Centre

James Bumby

James took on the role of Head of Centre in July 2016, having already been joint Deputy Head of Centre for many years. So far he is enjoying the challenge! A climber and mountaineer for over 25 years, James has scaled peaks all over the world but still rates the Lake District as his favourite place. He spends much of his spare time dangling off crags, writing guidebooks and being the Lakes Area Secretary for the BMC. You'll know him from the truly terrible  jokes and his friendly collie Mij who often accompanies James on activities.

Deputy Head of Centre

Sam Greenall

Sam has been instructing outdoor education for many years. A true Cumbrian, he also knows a good deal about caving, and you'll often find him underground squeezing through narrow passages or abseiling into deep caverns in the Yorkshire Dales. For fun. Also pretty handy with a hammer, Sam is equally at home fixing things out in the grounds as he is instructing.



Mish is a safe pair of hands no matter what she does. From taking the children out canoe journeying on the lakes and bivvying out overnight, to constructing assault courses and tree abseils, Mish has years of experience. 

Behind the scenes skiing is her passion and each winter you'll find her whizzing down slopes in the Alps with her family.  


Dave is our resident paddler, with a soft spot for kayak surfing which he does down in Devon or over in the North East as there aren't too many waves up here in the Lakes. 

Thankfully Dave is also a whizz kid when it comes to ICT, a much needed skill up at the centre when the Cumbrian weather means the computer often says 'no'.  


As well as being a brilliant all-rounder when it comes to activities, Dawn is our chief Duke of Edinburgh Award guru. If you want a course focussing on environmental education then Dawn is your girl. She has already created lots of new and exciting programmes, as well as helped to transform our grounds into an enchanting outdoor classroom. 

Catering and Housekeeping


Stan is our affable Cook in Charge and what he doesn't know about a steak pie or jam roly poly just isn't worth knowing. He is our longest standing colleague, with over 20 years at High Borrans under his belt, and has seen quite a few changes in his time. He is a keen sports fan and will talk about cricket and football all day if you let him. 


Paul is our Senior Housekeeper. He's a lovable Scouse lad who talks the talk yet has a heart of gold. He'll be the one trying out his latest magic tricks on you (they're pretty good!), and always keeps the house looking shipshape. Together with Heather he is in charge of running the High Borrans gift shop, and if something turns out not to be a great seller, it's guaranteed to have been Paul's choice, something he will resolutely deny. Next time you see him, just ask about the finger bongos! 


Claire has her hands full keeping the chaps in order, but somehow manages to do it whilst also being a miracle in the kitchen. If you've visited the Centre and tried one (or more!) of our famous tray bakes, and your waist line has increased as a consequence, it's due to Claire and her culinary cake genius. The flapjack and chocolate devil cake has become quite infamous! Out of the kitchen Claire spends her time walking the Lakeland fells with her dog Hattie, and is a mine of information about the local area as a result. 


Wayne is the newest addition to the housekeeping team, although even he has been here several years. He keeps the house looking spick and span inside and out, and can often be found out in the grounds with his chainsaw after a storm has brought down a few limbs. Out of hours Wayne is a proper country fellow, and knows a thing or two about game stalking out in the fells. He's also the chap you want on a quiz team as he usually has the answer for almost everything! 



Roy is our handy man extraordinnaire. If he can't mend it, then it isn't worth fixing. Full of vision, Roy keeps himself out of trouble by always having some project or another under his hat. He has transformed the grounds at High Borrans into something rather special, from our gothic 'mansion' hideaway in the woods to 'Elf Rigg', the campsite and outdoor classroom down in the dell. He's also a bit of a closet artist so look out for the bespoke signs, pictures and even beds all hand crafted by the man himself.